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Full Version: ArtistSort for Multiple Artists
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Hello again everyone,

In my id3v2.4 tagged library i have the musicbrainz tag ARTISTS which in some cases contains multiple artists separated by semicolons. My question relates to ARTISTSORT as currently some of my songs (those with a featured artist) don't align perfectly with ARTISTS.

My question is, is there any value in having multiple ARTISTSORT tags?
I cant seem to understand how that would be useful browsing my library.

What are your thoughts?

Can you give a specific example of the problem that you would like to solve?
(21-07-2019 16:27)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]Can you give a specific example of the problem that you would like to solve?

It’s more general advice really. I’m trying to understand what MS does with multiple ARTISTSORT entries as as I go looking through the All Artists index.

During my musicbrainz picard tagging exercise I used a script to move any featured artists out of the titles and add them into ARTISTS. I neglected to do the same for ARTISTSORT so for songs with a featured artist the ARTISTSORT tag still reads the default “Artist A feat. Artist B” (all one entry).

I’m wondering whether it’s of any benefit for me to go back and Retag the ARTISTSORT of these feat. songs to match their ARTISTS or whether it’s not worth the effort
If you see any artists in the All Artists index sorted in the wrong order, then you might need to retag ARTISTSORT. If you don't see any problems with sort order, you can leave things as they are.
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