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Full Version: Cannot see minimserver running on macbook
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I've got an odd issue setting up minimserver on a macbook to read files from an external USB drive. All seems good in that:
(i) I can interact with the minimserver icon in the menu bar on the mac, ie set properties, view logs etc
(ii) I can view the status page on a web browser using the internal IP. I can see this on the macbook itself and on a windows PC.

My problem though is that I can't see the server from any of the devices I would use to control it - an ipad, an android mobile phone, and the niam streamer itself. For the first two it's the case whether I use a web browser, the naim app, or other control points (eg HiFi Cast on the phone). I also can't see it using minimwatch on the macbook or the windows PC.

I have two other minim servers running - one on the windows PC and one on a disk station, and they work fine. All three have static IPs on the same subnet.

Can anyone offer any suggestions as to might be going on ? I'm really confused by this.


This is probably caused by your Mac firewall settings. Is MinimServer in the list of applications that can receive incoming connections?
It is. Just to be sure I disabled the firewall but to no effect. I can see it from the windows PC, just not iPad or phone. Very odd
Ah, rebooted the router and I can now see it. Doh!
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