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Full Version: Why Do New Discs Loaded To Hard Drive...
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Not appear in Minimserver.

I load and store my CD's on a Small Green Computers MicroJukebox and for the first time tried to use Minimserver in a while and recently loaded discs do not appear in the library.
Is there a button somewhere to push to "update library"?
Hopefully this is just a dumb question.

You need to initiate a rescan manually. You can do this from the status web page or from MinimWatch if you have this installed. To show the status web page, enter http://x.x.x.x:9790 in the address bar of a web browser, where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the device running MinimServer.
Ah yes that worked.

One little wrinkled and is probable the a meta data fault.

The album Born to Fight, by Karise Eden, is coming up as an album titled Karise Eden, by Born to Fight.?

Thanks, for your help.


Yes, it sounds like a metadata fault. You can use a tag editor to check the metadata.
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