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Full Version: concatenated Artist & Composer Tags
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It appears that:
1) for a single album with no AlbumArtist tag & multiple track Artist tags, MS concatenates all Artist tags into a comma delineated list of Artists, and sends this to the Control Point as "Album Artist"
2) for any album, the Composer tags are concatenated into a comma delineated list of Artists, and sends this to the Control Point as "Composer" (essentially "Album Composer")

is this the expected behavior ?
This produces (at least with BubbleUPnP) a real problem in Album listings, giving individual items that are long & unwieldy.
For example if I have Artist formated as Artist.displayFormat={$artist^^: $composer^[^]}
or if I have the Bubble setting "show comoposer in album lists" turned on,
or even just with plain Artist.

Is it possible to have a setting like "Composer.maxlength.diplay = 12", so that a tag would be truncated, for display purposes, after 12 characters, perhaps an ellipsis appended ?
Thanks for this suggestion. This is an interesting idea and I will add it to the list of possible future enhancements to MinimServer.
on a related issue, it appears that when MS sends the AlbumAritst for Album lists, the formatting differs:

If there is an AlbumArtist, it uses AlbumArtist.displayFormat
If there is no AlbumArtist (just concatenated AlbumArtist), is uses Artist.displayFormat

ie if there is an AlbumArtist, & Artist.displayFormat={$artist^^: $composer^[^]}, it just shows the AlbumArtist Tag
MinimServer sends an AlbumArtist value for an album to the control point if and only if the album has an AlbumArtist tag. This value is computed using AlbumArtist.displayFormat if this is specified or is the AlbumArtist tag value otherwise.

In addition, MinimServer sends an Artist value for the album based on the following rules:

1) If the album has an AlbumArtist tag value, send the value computed by AlbumArtist.displayFormat. If there is no AlbumArtist.displayFormat, send the AlbumArtist tag value.

2) If the album does not have an AlbumArtist value, send the Artist value as computed by Artist.displayFormat. If there is no Artist.displayFormat, send the Artist value as a concatenated list of Artist tags for tracks in the album.

MinimServer does not use Artist.displayFormat or send a concatenated list of Artist tags when sending the AlbumArtist value for an album.
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