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Full Version: Volumio with Minimserver
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Hi, I don't know if this is a Minimserver or a Volumio issue?

I'm currently evaluating a number of different control options to stream from my NAS to my Allo DigiOne Signature with Volumio OS. This includes:

1. Lumin App from Minimserver on NAS
2. MConnect from Minimserver on NAS
3. Volumio direct from NAS
4. Volumio from Minimserver on NAS

In the first 3 cases above the album & track info on the now playing page is perfect but when I use Volumio to stream from Minimserver, I get the jumbled info as per my iPad screenshot that I have attached. It looks like the spaces in the tags are being filled with characters? Any ideas?

Cheers Smile
This is a Volumio problem. Instead of showing the track title, Volumio is showing the path component of the streaming URL for the track. The streamng URL is for programmatic use only and should not be displayed to the user. The other renderers you have tried (LUMIN app and mConnect) are displaying the correct information.
Thanks Simon, I appreciate the quick response.
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