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Full Version: Folder View & How to Make it the same order as Windows Explorer
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Hi Simon,

I changed the alias tag to Nil as instructed but it didn't help.
What I was looking for is to have the folder view work exactly like the Windows folder view.
It does two things, it groups them by Artist and not by Name as MS Explorer works.
Second, I noticed that when I use the random/shuffle it jumps between folders instead of only playing random within the folder I selected, so I'm forced to play them in the order of that folder.

Ideally what I would like is the list to be played in the exact order in the Widwos directory. Example:
I can sort is A-z or Z-A.
Or I can sort on size or date created, which then makes gives me a different list by Name.

The reason is that if I can't do that then every time I play that folder the songs will always be in the same order and this makes it an easy way to randomize them on my PC and rescan the folder.

If it can be configured to work that way that would be terrific.

In your previous post you said it worked like a charm, so I am surprised you are now saying that it doesn't help.

You can change the grouping of items in folder view by setting the folder.sortTags option as decribed in this section.

MinimServer doesn't have random/shuffle, so I presume you are doing this via a capability provided by your control point. If the control point is not doing this in the way that you want, you need to contact the author of the control point.

MinimServer can't resort containers dynamically because there is no operation defined by the UPnP architecture that enables the UPnP control point to ask the UPnP server to resort a container using different criteria. Also, MinimServer doesn't have access to the sort order that you have specified when you view the same folder using Windows Explorer. The folder.sortTags option should provide part of what you want but it is somewhat cumbersome because you need to change MinimServer properties and then restart MinimServer.
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