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Full Version: Volume loss converting DSF to Wav with Convolution
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Using Minimserver 0.8 update 128, Minimstreamer 0.7.12
DAC takes only PCM max 24/192

I am using stream.transcode dsf:wav24;176 to convert dsf (64) music to 24/176. From the documentation, I understand the Minimstreamer has a 2 step process:
- convert DSF to 32/358
- convert 32/358 to 24/176

Conversion to DSF works fine without convolution. However, when convolution is enabled, there is a large volume drop in the region of 20 dB !!!

The convolution impulse files for the different rates are all about the same volume.

Have I missed something? Or is there an issue here?
Which version of FFmpeg are you using? What is your exact setting of stream.options?
Info from ffmpeg -version

ffmpeg version 4.1.1-0york1~16.04 Copyright © 2000-2019 the FFmpeg developers
built with gcc 5.4.0 (Ubuntu 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.11) 20160609

stream.options convOut= -i /media/music/pa/convolve/Filters1*.wav -lavfi afir
stream.transcode flac:wav,dsf:wav24;176

Convolution reduces volume by about 1 dB for flac files. For dsf files, volume drops by about 20 dB. Have convolution filters for all sample rates including 356.4 & 176.2 KHz
Try this instead:

convOut= -i /media/music/pa/convolve/Filters1*.wav -lavfi afir=gtype=gn
(11-05-2019 10:18)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]Try this instead:

convOut= -i /media/music/pa/convolve/Filters1*.wav -lavfi afir=gtype=gn
Thank you! Slight drop in volume but much better than previously.

Can't say I understand the new option, but it works!
Another alternative:

convOut= -i /media/music/pa/convolve/Filters1*.wav -lavfi afir=wet=10
Following up after rechecking convolution volume setting and measuring loudness of various music.
Using option -lavfi afir=gtype=gn fixed the volume drop when converting from DSD to wav.

Using option -lavfi afir=wet=10 does not work. It boosts all the volume of all formats, both flac and DSD. And DSD is very soft compared with flac.

Thank you Simon. I no longer have to convert all my DSD files to flac.
Thanks for this. I have updated the MinimStreamer user guide to recommend using afir=gtype=gn for volume adjustment.
(13-05-2019 14:10)Snoopy08 Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you Simon. I no longer have to convert all my DSD files to flac.
Was premature with the above statement. While using option -lavfi afir=gtype=gn fixed the considerable volume drop when converting from DSD, there was still a volume drop which I could have lived with. But in critical listening, the converted 24/176.4 tracks had less body and considerably less bass. Sad

Now the BAD news. CD 16/44.1 was better than ffmpeg on-the-fly conversion! Confused

Same problem, whether convolution is enabled or not. Looks like I will have to convert all my DSD files after all.

If anyone wants to do your own testing, suggest using 2L's free test materials on
Download (further down page) Hoff Ensemble: Bl├ągutten: original CD 16/44.1, Stereo DSD 64, Stereo 24/96, and other versions as required. Bl├ągutten has good bass as the beginning and the difference should be obvious...
How did you do on-the-fly transcoding for the DSD version of this test track? The DSD downloads are DFF, not DSF. Only DSF can be transcoded by MinimStreamer and FFmpeg.
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