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Full Version: lumin app loses connection to minim or linn ds
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I dont know / cant find a new thread having been opened for this topic, ao I just post here:

According to Peter from Lumin the new App version 6.1.10 should finally resolve the connection issues. After a few days of testing it certainly seems to do so for me.

Woulld be very much interested if other users can confirm this bug may now have been fixed.
Seems fine for me too.

All control software struggles to connect at times. If I cannot find NAS or streamer on my iPad, I close Lumin (flick it off the screen) and open again.
Always fine these days. I don't know why the Lumin app is not more popular. I love it. Great with Qobuz.

I have discovered and been told that the success of all these apps depends on your network. For instance my Virgin Superhub is unreliable in this respect. Fine now I use it just as a modem and have a separate router and switch. Ironically the most tenacious app seems to be Kinsky!

Fing is a useful free app for iPad. Good for telling which items on your network are talking to each other, good for doing a Broadband speed check (as opposed to wifi speed check). If, occasionally something does seem unresponsive on my network, Pinging it via Fing seems to get it visible again. Maybe coincidence. Don't know much about networks. Seem to be a bit of a black art.....
iStumble is good for finding how the wifi is working and signal strengths. (On Mac).

Donuk beautiful downtown York
I do not know which version of lumin I have installed in my iPad. There came two updates in the last days. After the first the app always crashed when removing an album from the qobuz favorites. This was fixed with the second update. But the app still loses the connection to qobuz and bubble upnp server from time to time. I have never had connection problems with the lumin and minimserver. Maybe I am not using it too often with minim as I usualy am using the naim app for local music.
The Lumin app had always issues finding some of my renderers. Now, I have a weird network: a main router, and a secondary router connected via wifi to the main router, which is used as a relay, and also to deliver Internet by RJ45 (I always try to avoid CPL). I have a Linn connected to this secondary routeur, a Google Hub and a Google chromecast which are linked by wifi to the main router; I am using of course minimserver plus bubbleUpnp to create an openHome renderer for the chromecast & GoogleHub on a synology attached to the secondary router. And only one DHCP server, on the main router, so everything on the same network.

You can't imagine how difficult it was to get the chromecast and google hub working properly with Lumin app. I had to connect to the secondary router wifi, get out of Lumin app, disconnect wifi, get back to wifi, relaunch Lumin, and sometimes I had to do this twice or thrice before getting to see the chromecast and google hub. And even so, after some times, the connection to the chromecast and google hub was lost, I had to redo the whole stuff of disconnecting etc.

Of course, I always thought it was my weird network architecture responsible for this. As an example, miniwatch does not work (is grey) when I am connected to the main router wifi, but does when I am connected to the secondary router wifi, the one which has the synology linked to it via RJ45.

Now, owing to this thread (and I thank you, "guys", as they say in California ;-) I have downloaded the TEAC HR Streamer app, which, except for a few details, is an exact replica of the Lumin app, whose look & feel I do like.

Good news is that with the TEAC app, all issues have disappeared, all my renderers are recognized, and all is stable, while with Lumin app, even with the latest version, I still have the same instability and issues with my chromecast and google hub (I am comparing the 2 apps side by side at the same time). This is a relief for me, you can't imagine. So again, thank you all !! But what does it say about how the Lumin app processes the Upnp layer versus the TEAC app ?

(And, a little post scriptum, same as I like to eat in a Michelin star because I also like to eat a good saucisson with ordinary vin rouge on the summit of a mountain, I have no problem switching from my top Linn to more ordinary system; it all depends upon the context. But I can tell you that, for $35, the google chromecast is one of the best quality over price ratio renderer I ever had ! Only issue: not gapless...)
Oh, by the way, I discovered another big difference between the Lumin app and the TEAC app. There is a button left to the "folder" button on the main bar, which is about browsing by last entered content. The Lumin app was always wrong with this entry, it was missing a lot of new content. To my great surprise and amazement, this bug does not exist in the TEAC app: all new content is there. Again, I am comparing the two side by side...

And also: I downloaded the Esoteric app (I wonder what about copyright issues: all three have same look & feel. Maybe same company did the three...). Same behavior as TEAC, all is good. So there are still issues with Lumin, corrected in the other two apps...

A last correction: no, the bug of last content still exists on TEAC... Oh well.
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