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Full Version: lumin app loses connection to minim or linn ds
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Thanks for pointing out the TEAC and Esoteric control points - it is indeed the Lumïn app with minor variations, visually a bit less appealing but and this is a very BIG BUT: it seems to keep working so no loss of connection anymore and no off and back on hassles!

Ended up with the Esoteric because of the 'light' mode.

Maybe I will eventually return to Lumïn when they get things working correctly again but that does not seem to have any priority for the Lumïn people. When an upgrade becomes available that gets things going again I hope to read about it in this thread.

And the Kazoo app... well never understood what the Linn laddies saw in that control point but that's just my opinion. The white thing(?) .... Angel
Unfortunately I have found that the Teac app does have a bug that was fixed in the original lumin app some weeks ago: Sometimes it is crashing when navigating in qobuz. E.g. when opening the favorite albums. If this happens it does not help to restart the app, it will crash again at the same point. I do not know which content is causing this.

So I think the best would be to buy an android tablet and use the Bubble UPnP app at the moment.
Yes tarnkappe, that has happened to me, although I think a restart sorted it
A little left field perhaps, but I use the current Lumin app to access Qobuz and create a playlist. Then monitor that list using other IPad apps like Fidata. However, I’m not one for constantly tweaking the playlist , so perhaps not for everyone.
Thanks Alandbush for pointing out Fidata. Just had a little look at it on my iPhone. Looks promising. But I cannot get Qobuz to show up. Can you?? Presumably not, hence Lumin (which I find accesses Qobuz brilliantly).
(17-07-2019 23:58)Donuk Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks Alandbush for pointing out Fidata. Just had a little look at it on my iPhone. Looks promising. But I cannot get Qobuz to show up. Can you?? Presumably not, hence Lumin (which I find accesses Qobuz brilliantly).

You assume correctly that streaming services are not available from fidata. However, it will display a Qobuz playlist created with Lumin. You can navigate the playlist as normal and you can even save the Qobuz playlist locally! Importantly, it has not yet failed to respond quickly from ‘sleep’ mode unlike Lumin.
Having used Lumin and Teac apps equally for a week or so, I think I can report that, for me, they behave equally. On my iPad, if I flick either app closed after using, the streamer is always found when opened again. If I just drop it down and leave it open, they both seem to forget where they are.

The Fidata app is also good fun. I find it has some bugs and drops out after a minute or so. Also no Qobuz. If perfected I think it would be my favourite.

Donuk beautiful downtown York
The Esoteric app has not failed once since installing it on my iPad about 2 weeks ago. It looks quite similar to Lumïn and TEAC without that one major flaw of dropping the connection and not finding it back - so it is a keeper.

I don't use Qobuz and the thread was never about which app works with Qobuz.

The Esoteric is highly recommended for those wanting a reliable control point while waiting for Lumïn to address their cp issues.
Thanks very much FransZappa for telling me about Esoteric. I have tried it and found that it seems reliable and so far has not lost my streamer.

I am sure that SN will not mind our broadening your original post to include those of us who share your frustration with Lumin and also use Qobuz. Perhaps better than cluttering up the site with a parallel thread.

Happily the Esoteric will accommodate Qobuz and Tidal, so it is pretty well identical to Lumin. Except - my only grumble - I wish you could change the colour to black.

I note the dates of the different applications as they stand today.

Lumin is on Version 6.1.8 dated 2019-05-13
Teac is on Version 1.0.2 dated 2018-06-12
Esoteric is on Version 1.0.3 dated 2018-06-12

Of course the version numbers relate only to issues given by the individual subcontractors. Lumin was on a much higher release number than 1.0.x in June 2018

Which sort of does not prove anything. It seems to me that there is more to it than simply Lumin having built a fault into modern versions. It's as if Esoteric ordered up a slightly different specification when it purchased from Lumin at about the same time as Teac did. Anyone with better technical knowledge able to guess what is going on?

Anyway for me it will be Esoteric for a while. Hope they do it in a darker shade sometime.

Are there any more control softwares, or sons of Lumin out there that we should be trying. Anyone?? I have tried Audionet but it keeps crashing out. Nor will it find my streamer when my VPN is switched in (the others above, will).

Donuk beautiful downtown York.

PS I have found the Fidata, although fun, to be a bit buggy: a bit unstable - the playlist disappears after a while.
Might I repectfully suggest that a new topic (control software likes and dislikes) would be better discussed in a new thread with a suitable title, so that users interested in this topic can easily find and participate in the discussion.
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