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Full Version: Unraid with MinimServer
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Unraid with MinimServer Update 2019-4-1.
The latest, best info i could find was the 2017 quote below. If anyone has anything to update, please share.

Due to my lack of knowledge, I am scared by Step #4 below, and by the murky info on the Unraid web site. I'll be trying to make this work and reporting here and there. Hats off to Simoncn for the best technical writing I ever seen, beside being a genius. Smile

Quote:04-09-2017 by simoncn. MinimServer author.
Here are some instructions for creating and running a MinimServer Docker image.

1) Create a folder to be used for building the Docker image

2) Download the file MinimServer- from this page and save it in this folder

3) Download the file Dockerfile.bin from this link, save it in this folder and rename it to Dockerfile

4) In a terminal window, change directory to this folder and run the following commands:
docker build -t minimserver: .
docker run -p:1900:1900/udp -p:9790:9790 -p:9791:9791 --net=host minimserver:

This should start MinimServer in a Docker container.
You should use the download from this page and replace all references to with I will remove the obsolete page to avoid confusion. The link to Dockerfile.bin is correct.
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