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Full Version: AlbumArtist for top level and Artist for Compilation view
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Hello there, I'm probably doing this all wrong but what I would like is to only see Artists in the top level view who do not feature on compilations. I solved this by putting AlbumArtist:Artist in the indexTags field. The problem I now have is that under Compilation it no longer lists all the artists. So, is it possible to have:

Artist > Only artists who have full albums (ie. not in compilations)
Compilations > Only artists who feature on the compilations

Current settings:

indexTags: AlbumArtist:Artist, -Date, Compilation=1, Genre, #AudioQuality:Audio Quality
listViewAlbums: 1
mergeFolderAlbums: true
tagOptions: Album.sortTags={Album, Artist}, Date.yearOnly.index, all.ignore.sort={The, THE, the}

I recognise I need to use the Artist tag somehow in order for this to show under Compilation but I'm not sure how to accomplish this, if indeed, this is possible.

Many thanks.
Try changing indexTags to:

indexTags: AlbumArtist:Artist, All Artists, -Date, Compilation=1, Genre, #AudioQuality:Audio Quality

When you browse the top-level view, use the Artist index (actually your AlbumArtist tags). When you browse compilations, use the All Artists index (actually your Artist tags). This should be close to what you want.
Many thanks Simon, this works. Would it be theoretically possible to be define certain tags are ignored? For example:

Compilation.ignore.AlbumArtist, homeContainer.ignore.Artists

In this way, at the top level (home container), only AlbumArtist is shown but in the compilation level, only the Artists are shown.
With software, almost anything is theoretically possible.

The present approach for creating the list of tag choices is simple, efficient and consistent, with MinimServer applying the same rules to all containers. Adding the ability to customize these rules on a container-specific basis would add complexity to the MinimServer design model as well as requiring significant implementation changes.
Understand Simon, appreciate what you are saying, thanks again.
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