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Full Version: Delay in visibility of uploaded file
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I am confronted with an issue after uploading MinimServer on Melco N1. When I rip a CD of import a sound file from USB stick it takes more than half an hour before the files show on my iPad Melco or Linn app. I can not live with this as in my work I need to access the imported files immediately to listen. Maybe there is a solution and I was too quick to start deleting MinimServer. I started deletion process, but my desktop now show the MinimServer folder files like this (see attachment) which probably is not what your instructions show. Is there a way to avoid my problem and re-install MinimServer, or? Thanks.
The safest approach is to delete everything in the MinimServer folder and then reinstall MinimServer from the flash drive.

When you import or rip new files and then rescan your library, you can use MinimWatch to track progress of the rescan. To do this, select 'Show log' from the MinimWatch minim icon and set the logging level to Debug before doing the rescan. The rescan should normally take only a few minutes.
Thank you. Based on what you see in my attachment for how the folder looks like on my computer desk top, to delete completely, can I just drag the folder into trash?
Yes, you can drag the top-level MinimServer folder into the trash.
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