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Full Version: Allow booklet.pdf as a shorter variant for booklet file names
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Album names especially for classical albums tend to be long.

Currently, in order to use the booklet feature with MinimServer, you have to copy the album name for the file name of the booklet. That means that the fully qualified path of the booklet file will contain the (long) album name twice.

Windows in general does not like file names longer than 259 characters. In fact, many programs still fail to access folders with a FQN path length of more than 259 characters on Windows 10.

So it would be good to have a possibility to keep at least the name of the booklet pdf files short, instead of having to use the long album name again.

I like the approach of using "folder.jpg" for the default album art. Every album folder can set its own folder.jpg.

If you are using the "one folder per album" approach, there is no need of having a unique name for the album art file (e.g. "Klavierkonzert D-Dur nach dem Violinkonzert op. 61 (Daniel Barenboim) [Deutsche Grammophon 4291792].jpg" instead of "folder.jpg").

And there should be no need to have a unique name for the booklet files, too, as long as you do not want to put multiple albums into the same folder.

Therefore, please establish the same approach for the fantastic booklet feature, too, i.e. make it possible to use


instead of e.g.

"Klavierkonzert D-Dur nach dem Violinkonzert op. 61 (Daniel Barenboim) [Deutsche Grammophon 4291792].pdf"

at least as an option.

This is already supported. See step 5 of this section.
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