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Full Version: Minim Watch blocked by Win10 Firewall (NOW FIXED)
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The Minim Watch icon in the system tray is grey'd out and the actions (eg rescan) not available. The log (which is available) shows it's trying without sucess to comunicate with an external IP address. Turning off Windows 10 firewall fixes the problem (and let me install the latest version of Minim Watch so that's not the issue).

I've not run Minim Watch for a while but not had problems before, and I've not knowingly changed anything. Java is up to date.

It seems to be a firewall issue, but I don't know how to fix it, so any help would be appreciated.


Looked at the Firewall Inbound Rules and found 2 of the four Java related rules were set to "Block". Changed then to "Allow" and everything now fine. Hope I've not now allowed some other program access when it should be blocked.
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