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Full Version: not running after Qnap migration
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after migrating from an old Qnap to a new one (HS-453DX, QTS 4.4.x), minimserver will not "start".
Following message appears: "/share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/MinimServer/ line 135: /usr/local/jre/bin/java: cannot execute binary file".
JRE_ARM is removed, JRE 8.151.2 is running.
MinimWatch icon is grey, even after several restarts of Qnap-Nas.

Anyone any idea...?
Thanks, cs.
It sounds like you have migrated from an ARM-based NAS to an Intel-based NAS by copying everything from one NAS to the other. This means you are trying to run the ARM versions of the JRE and MinimServer packages on an Intel processor, which doesn't work.

From the App Center, reinstall the JRE package, then reinstall the MinimServer package (without uninstalling the current packages). If you uninstall the current packages, you will lose your MinimServer configuration settings. After you have reinstalled both packages, MinimServer should be running.
thanks fot the fast reply!
Yes, you are right, I just moved (migrated) the old HDD into the new NAS!
ok, i unistalled and reinstalle JRE, now MinimServer-Icon in the AppCenter is green (MinimWatch still grey). Sorry to ask, but how do I reinstall Minimserver without uninstalling on the Qnap, since there is no "update" button (there is only "open", "stop" and "remove")? Also the WebApi dous not open on :9790.

Thanks again
To reinstall MinimServer without uninstalling it first, do the following:

1) Open the App Center and click the green MinimServer icon
2) On the pop-up window, click the Download link (under the blue Open button) and save the downloaded file
3) Close the pop-up window
4) Click the Install Manually button at the top right of the App Center window (four squares with a + sign)
5) Follow the prompts to install the file that you downloaded in step 2
Thanks! Now it is running!
I was missing the "Download link" (under the blue Open button)...

Thanks you very much

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