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Full Version: MinimStreamer with Medion InternetRadio playlist problem
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I installed MinimStreamer to listen to my personal radio stations with my Medion Internet radio. Unfortunately, the procedure for this via the playlist on my radio is not possible. It tells me playlist empty!
This not only makes my radio but also the VLC on Android. But my VLC from Debian shows the playlist correctly and I can also stream directly from minimStreamer.

Apparently it has to do with the contents of the playlist.
The Medionradio rejects all playlist with "empty" if there seems to be a string with hhtp: //.
To activate the stream, however, it is necessary to enter the playlist!

Is it possible to read in the playlist at MinimServer and trigger the streams and select them in a separate section as an mp3 stream and thus omit the entry into the playlist on the render?

thank you
a wonderful software



here is an example how an AVM router (Fritz box, Germany) as Medionserver the Internet radio stream (registered with) the DLNA partners provides.

Apparently the structure of the structure

Server selection -> AVM Fritz -> Internet radio -> stream names

scroll and play

Sorry I have no AVM-Router, I need a dlna-server with this function -))

Have a hope

many of the Internet radio services are no longer continued and shut down by the equipment manufacturers. This is the reason why only the listed entries of vtuner are selectable. With a local DLNA server I wanted to correct this and offer it again.

The way over the playlist is actually good, but the manufacturers do not stick to all instructions and they do not support all possibilities!

thank you

hello developer
no comment no help not even ask

is my google english so bad ?
As I understand your posts, your radio cannot read a UPnP playlist containing network URLs. The UPnP playlist is valid and can be read by VLC.

MinimServer does not have any other way to access a radio stream and there is no realistic prospect of providing any alternative for how this works.
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