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Full Version: what's currently getting streamed
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Simon, is there a way to find out which track is currently getting streamed from MinimServer? Ideal would be to known about it's path.
In case of multiple streams perhaps also the info about which IP asked MinimServer to stream the title.
This information is available in the debug log but it isn't very convenient to locate it amongst the many other messages that are there. You would need to look for a sequence of lines like the following:

HTTPService: received request, Socket[addr=/,port=49861,localport=9790]
HTTPService: adding connection org.jminim.lib.HTTPConnection@1381f5c
HTTPConnection: writer thread waiting for request
HTTPConnection: reading HTTP request
GET /minimserver/*/music/ancientpaths/04*20-*20Ancient*20Paths.flac HTTP/1.1

The first of these lines contains the IP address of the renderer and the last line contains the path of the streamed file with any special characters encoded using an asterisk followed by a hexadecimal value.
Any idea if you could think about offering a command in an upcoming version which would return the state of MinimServer? So that one could would get information what gets played upon which endpoint?
It's easier to ask the server once against asking all possible differnt endpoints about their state.
The renderers have better information about this than the server. For example, the renderer knows the time elapsed in the track and whether the track is paused.

What is the reason for needing this information? If I could understand this, I could think about the best way to satisfy the user requirement.
(10-02-2019 10:38)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]What is the reason for needing this information? If I could understand this, I could think about the best way to satisfy the user requirement.

I do miss an information from within MinimWatch telling me if the server actually serves or not, and in case it does to which endpoint, and best bet what it serves.

On one hand so that I don't accidently stop the server while wife or kids are listening, on the other hand that I could of course open a controlpoint stepping through all endpoint to see if something's going on. But that's overkill not to mention that controlpoints for windows are a real pain.

The biggest misery I ever had was I enquened some 1000 rock titles which I was listening to in the living roon. When I fed up I switched off the active speakers. And days later I did wonder about some load on the NAS. MinimServer was still streaming and the pi in the living room was still playing to the turned off speakers.
I would have noticed it earlier if hoovering the mousepointer over the MinimWatch would have shown something such as "currently server IP with file".

Perhaps you could think of a a small "show state" window similar to "show logs" but i would prefer a command similar to restart, rescan, relaunch, exit, since one could then use this for lots more. Perhaps storing the results to generate statistics or such like.
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