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Full Version: Synology DS115j ... is it OK?
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Hi to all!
I am new here!
I discovered MinimServer almost by chance and I decided to use it on my NAS. Synology DS115j.
For upnp renderer I use a raspberry pi 3B (I have 3B+ too but it has some problems with the Ethernet/usb and I decided to go back to the trusty 3B) with Archphile software (
After some trial and error I managed to set up minimserver to my NAS and I am very happy with it!

Some questions:
1) is the entry level DS115j adequate for running minim server?
2) I see that flac files are reproduced without any conversion needed from minimstreamer but alac files need to be converted. I use alac:wav24.
Would it be better to use flac:wav24 too or since flacs are reproduced without issues it’s better not to convert them? The same for aiff or other types of files. If they play without converting is it better to convert or not?
3) About ddf and dsf files. Using USB connection to the DAC (M2Tech HiFace evo two plus) dsf:dopwav and ddf:dopwav works just fine.
But sometimes I use an Allo DigiOne HAT on the rpi witch is a i2s to SPDIF converter board and works up to 24/192 with no DOP capability. If I want to convert ddf or dsf to :wav24;176 in order to listen to them I get interrupted sound. Is there something wrong I am doing?

Thanks in advance and kudos toy the developer for such great software. I am planing a donation very soon!!
All the best to all!
Welcome to the MinimServer forum!

The DS115j has a very low-powered CPU (800 MHz). It should be OK for browsing and playing files but could struggle with some transcoding combinations. This is probably why you are having issues with transcoding .dsf and .dff files to wav24;176. You can confirm this by looking at Resource Monitor while transcoding is happening. If the CPU level is at or near 100%, you need a faster NAS.

Some people find that flac:wav24 transcoding produces better sound. The best way find out if it is better in your setup is to try it and listen. Smile This could possibly also be the case with aiff:wav but it is much less common for people to use this transcoding combination. The best approach for all combinations is to try it and decide based on what you are hearing.
Thank you for your answer Simon.
Yes I thought so that 115j would be somehow “too little”...

OK for now I use USB connection to the dac and :dopwav is working with no issues.
And luckily I do not have so many dsf/ddf files so for now 115j will do the job.
Anyway a faster NAS will sound better or it will be faster?
Resource monitor sometimes hits 100% to be honest!
A faster NAS will be faster but there is no reason to expect it to sound better. It could sound worse if it produces more electrical noise or jitter on the Ethernet connection.

Disclaimer: The above assumes that it is possible for a NAS to have an effect on the sound, which many people don't accept.
I use the AudioQuest Jitterbug on my NAS. I know not why, but it does sound better Smile
The clue is in the name. It reduces jitter. Smile

I have one of these as well and I can hear an improvement when using it.
Hahaha... jitterbug it is then!!!

Questions continuation... what is the difference between ---:wav24 vs ---:wav24; ?
I've seen it in another thread but I would like some more elaboration! You mention wav24; is done by ffmpeg and wav24 by java ... which
is supposed to be better?
I do not remember seeing it in the user manuals!!

Thnx again for your support Simon!!
(25-01-2019 10:30)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]The clue is in the name. It reduces jitter. Smile

I have one of these as well and I can hear an improvement when using it.

Yes but... how!? It is quite remarkable a little thing like that can be so effective!
another one... ffmpeg is by default installed on Sinology NAS
how can i see the version of ffmpeg?
if there is an update it will show on minimwhatch?

sorry for the newbie questions!!
If you use ffmpeg (flac:wav24;), you can set streaming options for things like convolution (room correction) and replay gain. If you don't use ffmpeg (flac:wav24), seeking forwards and backwards in the track should be faster.

To see the version of the default ffmpeg, login to the NAS using ssh (on Windows, use putty) and type the command: ffmpeg
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