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Full Version: Where are the download links for melco?
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Your current instructions note that there are different versions for N1 versus N10, N100, etc. but don't have a link to the zip's. It says to download the file from..... but no link or directory (see below or your own page).

Also- why not just have the links on the download page like all the other versions?

To create the USB installer flash drive using a Windows PC, follow these steps:
1. Format a USB flash drive (128 MB or larger) with a single NTFS or FAT32 partition
2. Download the MinimServer archive file (for the Melco N1) from or (for the Melco N100 or N10) from
Apologies for this. It is fixed now.

The download links are not on the main page because the Melco install process is more complicated than other platforms and it is important for the links to be accompanied by the explanation of how to use them.
Thanks for fixing the link.
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