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Full Version: Unable to install Minimstreamer
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Trying to install Minimstreamer on a DS215j Synology NAS.
The latest version of Minimserver is installed ( update 126) and I have Minimwatch installed on my PC.
I go to to Minimwatch, option, properties, packages and Minimstreamer is not listed in available packages. So I find the current version of Minimstreamer 0.7.10 and type that into other package. After clicking install I get the message that Minimstreamer requires Minimserver 8.3 to run. I am on Minimserver update 126.
Im stuck and would appreciate any help.
You are trying to install MinimStreamer on MinimWatch (your Windows PC). To install MinimStreamer on MinimServer (your NAS), select Properties from the MinimWatch minim icon instead of Options > Properties.
That did it. Thank you Simon
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