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Full Version: Using ConvoFS as Package in Minim for QNAP
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I am using a powerful Intel based HS251+ from QNAP, running Minim Server. Unfortunately, there's no QNAP version for the ConvoFS. This is available only as a package for Synology.

Has anybody got experience in tweaking this so that the pack could be loaded also into QNAP Linux running Minim?

Cheers, SMSWAPBlush
Tried ConvoFS on a Linux box but had issues with the audio and also 16 bit music showing up on BubbleUPnP as 24 bit even though no transcoding was done. I ended up using Minimserver/Ministreamer for convolution on a Intel NUC because my Synology NAS was not powerful enough. Highly recommend you get Minimserver running on the QNAP and it should be relatively easy to set up convolution

For your QNAP
- install QNAP Minimserver package
- SSH into the QNAP box and check that ffmpeg is version 4.1 or later
- install Minimwatch on your PC to install Minimstreamer, set up convolution

Also, Minimserver is easier to set up transcoding.
Just checked ConvoFS documentation and it is now available on QNAP...
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