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Full Version: resampling with DS112+
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I run minimserver on a synology NAS (DS112+) and use a Chromecast audio as renderer + Bubble UPNP as control point. Everything works as a charm except this irritating issue : I have some intermittent audio dropouts while playing 96kHz files or upper.

I guess this is caused by my wifi connection being too slow. So I tried to downsample the files with minimstreamer using the following command : flac:wav;44.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work as expected : the CPU load raise to 99% and I get even more dropouts.

Is there any solution to reduce the CPU usage, or the DS112+ is simply not powerfull enough to perform resampling ? I would be interested to know if someone managed to use resampling with similar hardware configuration.

Your NAS should be able to transcode 96kHz FLAC files that were encoded with FLAC compression level 2 or less. For compression levels of 3 or more, floating-point operations are required for decoding. Your NAS doesn't have hardware floating-point support, hence the high CPU.
Thank you for the support Simon. I’ve tried to re-encode some FLAC files with compression level 2 using dbpoweramp, but CPU load was still too high. It seems I will have to live with the dropouts until I upgrade to a more efficient network Sad
Assuming these are 24/96 files, you could try reducing the bit depth to 16 bits without changing the sample rate. This would reduce network load by 33% and would use less CPU than changing the sample rate. The stream.transcode setting for this is either flac:wav16 (no semicolon, uses Java to transcode) or flac:wav16; (with semicolon, uses FFmpeg to transcode).
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