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Full Version: QNAP problem
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I enjoy very much Minimserver, basic and effective but I should have listened to my instincts before upgrading the QNAP NAS.
As experienced before with other software, Minimserver stopped working under new version of QNAP and it is no longer to be seen on my Linn DS player's interface.
hard booting as described on the web page did not work. What could be the course of action?

Thank you for the support
Which model of QNAP NAS do you have? I recently upgraded to on my HS-251+ and MinimServer is running without problems.

Please check My Apps in the App Center. Is the MinimServer icon green (running) or grey (stopped)? If it is grey (stopped), select Start. If it is green (running), select Open and check that the MinimServer Status web page is displayed.
I have TS-470pro and it is green and running as it should.
But it is not seen on ant media player...
Did you check that the MinimServer status web page is shown when you click Open? Sometimes the App Center icon stays green when MinimServer is not running.

If the status page is shown, there might be a firewall or security program on the NAS blocking UPnP access to MinimServer. Another possibility is a multicast discovery problem with your network. See this page for more information and some suggestions.
Minim is shown running on status web page and I have tried the bootinh options.
What shall a check for firewall conflicts?
Click Security in Control Panel. Do you have 'Allow all connections' or something else?
Allow all connections' is selected...
OK, then somethng else is causing the problem. Can you see MinimServer from MinimWatch?
hello again,
while playing with all possible parameters, minimserver showed up again suddenly. I am not sure if it was something I've done or it just waited QNAP has finished its internal scan of files but there it is. Back again... No reason to disappear and no reason to come back...
thank you for your time...
All the best, have a good weekend
I'm glad this is working now. If you have a large library, it can take some time for MinimServer to finish its scan and become visible to UPnP control points. You can see from MinimWatch whether this is happening. The other possible reason for slow discovery is a UPnP multicast discovery problem with your network.
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