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Full Version: Synology two servers - port conflict bubbleupnp
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Is it possible to set up two synology servers for external IP access on same network and router?
The port range is 58050-58051 in Bubbleupnp server setup and seems to be locked to those ports.
My Netgear R7000 router sees both servers, but returns the error "port conflict with other service" when I port forward the 2'nd synology NAS to the same port range.
Ah, in the Bubbleupnp FAQ:
"How do I change the default HTTP or HTTPS port ?
To change the HTTP or HTTPS port used by the server you must edit the configuration file and restart the server.
The configuration file is named configuration.xml. It is located in the installation directory. Open it with your favorite editor and modify the field httpPort (or httpsPort). If you set a port < 1024 on unix you will need to start the server as root otherwise you will get a permission error on startup.
To restart the server:
on Windows: use the "Stop BubbleUPnP Server Service" then "Start BubbleUPnP Server Service" found in the "BubbleUPnP Server" sub-menu of the Windows Start Menu
on other platforms: kill and restart the BubbleUPnP Server java process"
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