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Full Version: Folder Exclusion
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In my music directory there are two Playlist folder which is necessary at this point because the music directory is shared between the Lumin and Squeezebox. Unfortunately the Squeezebox playlist files have extra characters that cause issues with how the playlist is read. So I use playlists from JRiver which have a straight path statement.

In the Minim Properties / Advanced I set an excludePattern ZZZ Playlists which is the folder where all the Squeezebox playlists are stored. When looking at the Lumin app there are two of each playlist shown which tells me the above exclusion does not work. The other proof of this is the fact that only one of the playlists folders has the playlist Country in it and, as expected, the Lumin app only shows one Country playlist.[attachment=1616]
I tried this and I see the same problem when the exclude pattern contains a space. If you add quotes around ZZZ Playlists in the excludePattern property (use 'ZZZ Playlists' instead of ZZZ Playlists), it works as expected. The problem will be fixed in the next MinimServer update. Thanks for letting me know about this.
Thanks! The ' ' worked like a champ.

I finally got a chance to try a Lumin D2 to test the DSD128 transcode to WAV you showed me a while back ( not needed for the D2 ,but a good way to test ). That also worked like a champ.

The T1 ( which would make the transcode necessary ) was sold to a guy with "bucks deluxe". It may come back to the shop though, as they are trying to see if he will like the Playback Designs MPS-8 better; He must really have serious "bucks deluxe"!!

Thanks. Rich
The problem with spaces in (unquoted) exclude patterns is now fixed in MinimServer update 127.
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