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Full Version: Minim on Melco N1
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Hi, I've followed the instructions carefully but having fired back up (and having re-entered location/time etc) it didn't seem to download the minim server. It just just into its normal mode.

I then linked on to the N1 via my mac and found the attached message - saying expansion drive not found after 5 seconds.

What should I do now?
This is probably caused by not following step 6 of the instructions in this section. To complete the installation, power off the N1, insert the USB flash drive into the USB port marked Expansion, power on the N1 and continue from step 9.
Thanks. I have done it again (you were correct I hadn't put it in the expansion slot!)

But instead of downloading/scanning it went straight into its normal mode - unless it's doing something behind the scenes?

I attach a WeTransfer link ( to an image showing the minimsetup.log file which says 'No MinimServer instances are running..' Also attach the MinimServer.log & MinimServer-out.log

Any idea what I've done wrong this time?
These logs show that MinimServer has installed successfully, has scanned your library and is running normally.
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