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Full Version: Gapless playback
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Hello all,

I'm pretty sure this subject has been discussed before, but perhaps my issue is a little different. I hope so Smile

I have Readynas with Minimserver into Naim streamer, most files are flac transcoded to wav on the NAS during playback. After a few start up problems - where I had great help from Simon and other nice people on this forum - everything is running smoothly 99+% of the time.

One issue which is bothering and puzzling me is that with Roger Waters album "Amused to Death" I have gaps betweeen the tracks. This might occur on some other albums as well, where there is a few seconds of silence between tracks and you wouldn't notice a small "extra" gap, but I know for sure that on a lot of other albums there is no gap between the tracks. I have quite a few operas which I listen to once in a while, where gaps would of course be very noticeable - no gaps here.

I don't think that I have done anything different when transferring the files from cd. Or when converting to flac.

Does anyone else have a problem with this specific cd (mine is the original release) ? And, does anyone have a suggestion on what to do to avoid the gaps ?

That's bizarre, I just gave Amused To Death a spin and it plays gapless just fine for me.

Qnap/MinimServer and Naim NDX, flac->wav, original CD rip using dBpoweramp.

Have you tried re-ripping the disc?
Re-rip, not yet but I thought of this as well. Problem is the cd is stored in a box in the attic, to make things worse I have 8-10 sealed boxes with the cd's stored randomly. No big deal, really, but it could take me half an hour or so to find it :-)

But it's nice to hear that it does play without gaps for you. Then it really must be possible for me as well.

I feel your pain, all my CDs are also in storage boxes in no particular order! Undecided

What software did you use to rip the CD with originally? I seem to remember that some software would add 2 seconds of silence to the end of each track, or maybe I'm confusing that with ripping to MP3.

If it helps you any, these are the track lengths of my rip as reported by the Naim app:

01 - The Ballad Of Bill Hubbard (4:21)
02 - What God Wants, Part I (6:00)
03 - Perfect Sense, Part I (4:14)
04 - Perfect Sense, Part II (2:51)
05 - The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range (4:44)
06 - Late Home Tonight, Part I (4:01)
07 - Late Home Tonight, Part II (2:13)
08 - Too Much Rope (5:47)
09 - What God Wants, Part II (3:39)
10 - What God Wants, Part III (4:08)
11 - Watching TV (6:05)
12 - Three Wishes (6:52)
13 - It's A Miracle (8:30)
14 - Amused To Death (9:08)
Well, on playback this weekend I had no gaps. Just checked before searching for the cd to re-rip.

This time I listened to the whole album, maybe the gaps I had were caused by playing a selection of tracks. I don’t remember if I only had gaps when playing e.g. tracks 6,7,8,9 and 10 selected individually (and in track order, of course).

Until it happens again I’ll choose this to be the explanation and do nothing further.

Yes, it's possible that Naim haven't taken gapless support into account when the user manipulates the tracks in the playlist while the current track is still playing. So cancel the old cued next track (if set) on the NDX and cue the new next track, every time the next track in the playlist changes while the current track is still playing.

Note, this only needs to be done for those players that are instructed by their controller apps to cue the next track for gapless just after the current track has started playing. Some controllers are designed to only send the cue next track instruction to the player just before the current track has finished playing, to avoid this issue.

The BubbleUPnP (Android) app is an example of a standard UPnP controller that sends 'early/at current track start' cue next track instructions;
mConnect Player is an example of a standard UPnP controller that sends 'late/at current track end' cue next track instructions.
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