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Full Version: no longer able to transfer flac music files to my NAS
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Can some one help please.

I have a Zen Vortebox NAS on my home network. It works fine I can play music from it as before. I cannot see it any longer on my Windows 10 pc. It is there showing as minim server and plex minim server. They only open as Windows Media Player which does not let me transfer downloaded flac files to the Vortebox.

This is relatively recent. I thought it was my PC and completely formatted it and reloaded Windows. No change. I contacted Microsoft help and their solutions related to UPnP discovery etc. Did all that.

I used to see all the folders in my Vortebox but now I cant see the Vortebox. Can anyone help I now think it is not a Microsoft issue but don't know. So the NAS is there, it works, my android tablet and phone see it and work it through my Cyrus but my Windows 10 PC cant see it any longer save through Windows Media player which means I cannot add to or edit my library anymore. HELP! please Smile
Can you open the web interface? The manual says it should be http;//zen
Thanks for replying. Yes I can open the web page for my zen Vortebox and operate it from there for instance reboot, shut down, etc. The problem is on my PC but I think it may be connected to a recent minim software change rather than windows 10 - but wish I know, I don't.
This will more than likely be down to a recent Win10 update where SMBv1 has been deprecated, this breaks network directory sharing for a lot of older devices.
You should still be able to create a new network drive though. In Explorer, under Computer, select Map Network Drive. In Folder put \\<network name of the zen> (probably \\zen).
No, not if the Vortexbox is only using SMBv1.

A friend of mine had exactly the same issue with a QNAP and a Win10 laptop this week, the QNAP required a firmware update to enable SMBv2 to get the thing talking again.
Ahh. Back to Innuous for the OP it is then!
Of course, SMBv1 support can currently still be re-enabled (see here) in Win10 but there's no guarantee that M$ won't remove that capability altogether in a future update release - the top and bottom of it is that the protocol is insecure and needs to be killed off.

The OP might find it worthwhile asking on the Vortexbox forum, maybe there's a firmware update available for the unit to address this issue...
Thanks that is really helpful. I have followed the link and can now see the Zen but not open the folders. I haven't had a response from the Zen site but will go back and ask if there is a firmware update from SMBv1 to v2
Being able to see it is a good start! Smile

Sorry, I'm out of ideas now - I don't have a Zen or Win10... Hopefully someone can help you get further.
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