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Full Version: melco N1A minimserver cannot rescan
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Hi Friends

I am a newbie to this server thing. I am rescanning Minimserver with no changes in Melco. What am I doing wrong? When I look in either Kinsky or Lumin app, there is no changes in a metadata corrections that I made. Thanks in advance.
Hi Spenav
Firstly there won't be any visible changes if you are using Lumin (my favourite) until you rescan Lumin as well. It keeps its own version of metadata on your tablet, or whatever you are using. (Which is why it is fast). I presume you have done that.
How are you creating the command to rescan? I do this via Konfig. You can actually view the rescanning process by Minimserver via Minimwatch.
I am sure clever folk will be along soon.

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Which tagging program did you use to make the metadata changes?

If you have configured the tagging program to not change file modification dates, you might need to do a full rescan in MinimServer. To do this, use MinimWatch to set the startupScan property to full, then do a rescan.

If this fixes the problem, you should configure the tagging program to change file modification dates, then set startupScan back to the default value of false.
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