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Full Version: not loading
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I am probably not doing something obvious. I have been using 0.8.4, but today hit a problem. Specifically, I have Andsnes playing all 5 Beethoven concerti and also 3 Haydn concerti. Different album artwork. Beethoven's 3rd and 4th missing and Haydn's 3rd and 4 appear instead.each with the appropriate artwork and under composer Beethoven. The Haydn concerti also appear under composer Haydn with No11. Have checked the data in Metadatics, resaved, rescanned. Still no Beethoven 3 and 4.

So thought it time to move to I have a MacMini running 10.12.6. downloaded Java jre-8u181-macosx-x63.dmg and then MinimServer Moved MinimServer 0.8.4 and alias to Trash. Java confirmed installation.

I now have the Java Java 8 update 181 and MinimServer 'disks' on the desktop. Neither appear in Applications. When I click on the icon nothing happens at all.

Grateful for what may be a very simple elementary way forward.
If you have installed Java from the .dmg file, you can eject the Java "disk" using Finder. Even though Java is installed, it doesn't appear in the Applications folder.

To install MinimServer, you need to follow all the steps in this section. After you have done this, there will be a MinimServer icon in the Applications folder. If you double-click on this icon, MinimServer should start.
Many thanks for the reply. Apologies, I thought it would be a straightforward error on my part. A quick check with the new version shows the problem remains re the shift of albums to another artist. I will do further checks - like most people, I have tracked numerous "errors" down to tagging mistakes. This one so far eludes me in terms of a tagging error. I will raise another thread if I cannot resolve it.
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