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Full Version: MinimWatch unable to create tray icon.
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I've read a few threads on this matter but I'm unable to resolve this problem. I'm running Linux Mint 19 x64 Cinnamon with the default JRE (openjdk-11-jre) and the Topicons extension installed as per the install instructions.

MinimWatch installs fine, the console version runs fine, but configuring desktop integration and double clicking the icon just results in the dreaded message. Sad

Any clues what to try next?

There are three different versions of TopIcons. You need the one named "Topicons Plus".
Yup, that's the one I have installed.

Problem solved, it seems the Nvidia driver was borked - presumably MinimWatch couldn't get the correct display handle.

All is good again. Smile
Thanks for this. What was the clue that it was caused by the Nvidia driver? This could be useful for other users.
It was a number of things, most obviously that the PRIME profiles had disappeared and trying to reinstall the applet failed on 'no compatible hardware'. It's a hybrid Intel HD/Nvidia GTX1050i laptop and the PRIME applet is part of the Nvidia driver package that allows you to switch between the Intel and Nvidia cards.

I really have no idea how it got so screwed up and the machine was 'jammed' on the Nvidia card. Numerous web searches hinted that the driver itself or the PRIME applet had become corrupt and needed purging and reinstalling. I think I may just reinstall this machine from fresh soon anyway as I no longer have any idea what sort of a state it's in after all that messing about.

For the record, the TopIcons Plus extension is not required for Mint Cinnamon. That bit kind of threw me as I certainly didn't install it when I originally set up MinimWatch on here.

Hey ho, it's a learning curve!
Thanks for this and for letting me know that TopIcons Plus isn't required for Mint Cinnamon. TopIcons Plus is needed for recent versions of GNOME Shell, so I presume that Mint Cinnamon either doesn't use GNOME Shell or uses an older version.
I believe that Cinnamon derives from GNOME3 but doesn't use gnome-shell. It's actually a very nice desktop environment.

Wikipedia entry.
Thanks for this link—very interesting. It explains why Cinnamon works "out of the box" with MinimServer/MinimWatch icons.
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