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Full Version: Cover Art missing
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Hello. Sorry my english, im from Switzerland

How you can see in the folder of my NAS there is a JPG called „Mendellssohn-Symphonies 1&3“ But on my streamer Software it doesent show the Cover Picture. Perhaps you know what the error is.

N1_1244 is server, folder Share is first forlder, Mendelssohn-Symphonies Nos. 1&3 second folder. And then coming the music and cover files how you can see. I have ca 300 albums and only 20 have not a cover picture. Thats much better als with Twonky ehere it are about 40. But the reason why this album has no sover image i cant tell.


The name of the artwork .jpg file must match the tagged name of the album exactly, including all punctuation, spaces, upper/lower case, etc. Also, the name of the artwork file must not contain any of the characters listed in this section. Alternatively, you can use the name folder.jpg for the artwork file.
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