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Full Version: Disc Subtitles displaying as tracks in Naim app on iPad but correct on iPhone
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I've successfully used Disc Subtitles in combination with Disc Numbers to differentiate different versions of an album within the same folder previously, but for some reason tonight it doesn't want to work for me.

I've got two versions of "Sgt. Pepper..." one with:

DISCSUBTITLE Deluxe Anniversary Edition

and another with

DISCSUBTITLE 1967 Stereo Mix

All the tag editing was done using MP3Tag, which reports the tag types as MP4.

When viewed with the Naim app on my iPhone, it displays exactly as I intended it to. However, when viewed in the Naim app on my iPad, under "Sgt. Pepper" I have...

01 >> Deluxe Anniversary Edition
02 - 32 all the tracks on the Deluxe Anniversary Edition
33 >> 1967 Stereo Mix
34 - 46 all the tracks on the 1967 Stereo Mix

Essentially, "something" is interpreting the DISCSUBTITLEs as track titles, and renumbering accordingly. I'd be grateful for any pointers as to how to resolve this. I appreciate it may well be a Naim app issue, even though other DISCSUBTITLEs are displaying correctly on my iPad.

Originally the two discs were in different folders; bringing them into the same folder didn't help.

I've restarted my iPad, the Naim app, the Naim streamer and Minimserver, and rescanned MinimServer. There's nothing related to the problem files in the MinimServer log. I've managed to achieve what I'm after previously (e.g. with UK and US versions of "Aftermath" displayed as separate discs on both iPad and iPhone), but I'm stumped here.

Some version numbers, in case they're relevant:
MinimServer:, update 123
Naim app: 5.10 (on both iPad and iPhone)
IOS: 11.4 (on both iPad and iPhone)

What do you see on the iPhone? Your description of what's displayed on the iPad seems "normal" (for me when I use the Naim app on my iPad). The renumbering is done by the Naim app.
(08-07-2018 22:04)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]What do you see on the iPhone? Your description of what's displayed on the iPad seems "normal" (for me when I use the Naim app on my iPad). The renumbering is done by the Naim app.

Thanks for the quick reply, Simon. In the spirit of a picture being worth a thousand words, here's what "Sgt. Pepper" looks like on my iPhone...

[Image: iPhone%20Sgt%20Pepper%20correct.png]

and here's what it looks like on my iPad...

[Image: iPad%20Sgt%20Pepper%20incorrect.png]

Note that track 01 is now ">> Deluxe Anniversary Edition". In fact, the entire display is different from the iPhone display, almost as if the iPad isn't acknowledging the separate discs and is trying to display the whole lot as a single disc.

Here's a working iPad example, where "Aftermath" is correctly split into multiple discs, just like the iPhone displays "Sgt. Pepper":

[Image: iPad%20Aftermath%20correct.png]

I appreciate that this is likely to be a Naim issue rather than a MinimServer one, but it's baffling me how the same app can interpret the same data differently.
The iPhone display of Sgt Pepper doesn't show any track numbers, so it's not clear whether the entries have been "renumbered" in the same way as the iPad version.

I don't know why the Naim app sometimes shows track numbers on the iPad and sometimes doesn't. You could contact Naim support about this or ask on the Naim forum.
Problem solved via a full reset (Settings > Other Settings > Reset app) of the Naim app on my iPad.
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