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Full Version: DSD 256 not working on Melco with Accuphase
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I wonder if somebody can help me with this. I have recently bought an Accuphase DP-560 SACD player but I also have had a Melco N1 for a while. The DP-560 can also be used a DAC by connecting a computer to it. It is supposed to be able to play up to DSD 256 but when I connect the MELCO to it plays DSD 128 files but not DSD 256. I tried MinimServer and Twonky and with both server software, I get the problem. It is not a huge problem as I am only now using the Melco as a secondary source. I only have very few DSD 256 albums and in fact, I can download them as DSD 128 too. I just find it very off that I have this problem and I would like to understand it.
I should add after looking through the Accuphase description it says that 11.2896 MHz (DSD-256) Asio only. Not sure what this means.
ASIO is a protocol that is available only when connecting to a Windows system.
Ok. Thanks for clarification.
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