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Full Version: "Leer" Empty search result on non empty large queries
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MinimServer runs well for small and medium queries but for larger queries I receive the result "Leer" (meaning empty - I run a german system). After that the system of the player appears to hang and only after some timeout (~15-30 Seconds) I can reconnect to the upnp server.

Is there a size or timeing issue for bigger queries (like listing all music files).
I didn't find any setting or limitation on the number of files in the database.
As this is a new installation I'm not sure if the installation is correct but as smaller queries work well I suppose so.

My details:
  • minimserver runs on Synology DS216+ NAS server
  • minimserver update 123
  • RAM 1GB
  • CPU Intel Celeron N3050 (2 cores)
  • DSM-Version: DSM 6.2-23739
  • Java8
  • Libarary holds about 70k files with ~450GB
  • Player: Imperial Dabman 250+

Any help is welcomed.
To understand what is happening, I would need to see a debug log. Please do the following:

1) From the MinimWatch minim icon, select 'Show log'
2) In the log window, change the logging level to Debug
3) In the log window, click the Clear button
4) Leave the log window open
5) Issue the large query
6) When you get the "Leer" response, click 'Save as' in the log window to save the log to a file
7) Compress the log file using zip or similar (this step is important)
8) Attach the compressed log file to a post here

I will look at the log and let you know what I find.
Thank you simoncn for the fast feed back.

Enclosed 2 logs. In test 1+2 I looked for all "Artists" with about 4700 entries.

Test 1 with debug log:
Minimserver is responding quickly (<1s) with a nice list of items without error. The Dabman showed no response for several minutes (until I killed the test and restarted everything).

Test 2 with trace log:

Again the Minimserver is responding quickly (<1s) with a nice list of items without error. This time the Dabman showed "Leer" within a few seconds

Test 3 with trace log
I looked for "Genres" which are just < 200 and this worked nicely without problems

So if I like it or not... I guess its is up to the Dabman 250 which can not handle bigger lists. Do you agree?

Yes, I agree. I had suspected this but I wanted to see the debug log to make sure.
I gave it meanwhile some more tests. The Dabman i250 worked well with a query with 2497 results but failed with > 2500. As far as I can see minimserver does always provide 2500 results in case of > 2500 findings. So the locking is likely for big result lists.

Could it be that the UPNP specifications are somewhat fuzzy about
> 2500 or >= 2500

I crosschecked with MediaMonkey as UPNP server and they always seem to provied < 2500 results (at least in the cases I managed to test).

The debug log shows that the Dabman has requested 2500 results. MinimServer is responding correctly to this request by sending 2500 results if the total is at least this number.
Thank you for the clear statement and the prompt and friendly support.

So it seems clear to me that the Dabman i250 has a bug with big queries.

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