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Full Version: Changing Synology NAS
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I recently upgraded from a 212J to a 216+ Synology NAS. I installed Java8. Upgraded it with the java-package (should it be the i586 or x64-version?) and reinstalled a Intel version of Minimserver. Now I get this error:
MinimServer start error: /volume1/@appstore/MinimServer/ line 46: /var/packages/java8/target/ejdk1.8.0_171/linux_arm_sflt/jre/bin/java: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error.

What did I do wrong? Any suggestions are welcome. I can see the reference to an Arm processor and now I have an Intel processor. But I installed the Intel versions of both Java and Minimserver.

I think I found it. I just deleted Java Se Embedded 8 and all seems to be working okay.
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