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Full Version: Playlist will not complete, BubbleUPnP, Minim, Synology
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I thought at first it was maybe my google chromecast audio, but the same experience happens with my Denon.

My setup.
Xpenology NAS
minimserver latest
bubbleupnp server latest
netgear orbi mesh

openhome renderers:
chromecast audio
denon x-4100w

control points:
android htc phone
android samsung tablet
linn kazoo on windows 10 PC

My main thing I do is open bubbleupnp app then have it generate 50 random songs from my library. the random gen is fine, adding to playlist is fine, and playback of first song is fine.

Where the problem happens is that randomly, out of nowhere, a song will finish and the next song will NOT play. sometimes it will play 11 songs.. sometimes 3 songs. i then have to hit the NEXT button on bubble then hit play.

I think I may have narrowed it down to minimserver and am curious what options I can check or what i should be looking for in the logs? or is the the log itself that might be causing the issues?

my minim install is completely stock with no tweaks and i just have one shared folder on my NAS volume where the minimserver runs. this issue is really driving me crazy.
I can't see how you've "narrowed it down" to MinimServer, from what you said so far. The BubbleUPnP Server helper application is providing a created OpenHome renderer for both the Chromecast Audio and the Denon AVR-X4100W, as neither of those devices are actually OpenHome renderers.

Given that and the fact that both of your streaming devices appear to be having the same issue, then the first thing to investigate should be the BubbleUPnP Server and its interaction with whatever OpenHome control point(s) you are using.

BTW, the Android devices you've listed aren't actually control points. The control point running on at least one of the Android devices is presumably the BubbleUPnP app you mentioned (not to be confused with the BubbleUPnP Server). Are you using the BubbleUPnP Android app on both the tablet & the phone in your list?
Another possibility is an intermittent network issue that is interfering with the messages exchanged between BubbleUPnP Server and your renderer to manage automatic track changing when a track finishes. Is the device running BubbleUPnP Server connected to your renderer by a wired Ethernet connection or does this connection use your wireless mesh network?
Yes, I run bubbleupnp (paid version) app on my tablet and my htc phone. phone is usually with me and the tablet stays fixed in my garage. the bub server runs on my xpenology NAS.

when i say narrowed it down, because if i use a playlist of music that lives entirely on my phone, i do not have this issue. it only happens when i'm using the minim database.

the device running bubble upnp server is a lenovo server which is hardwired to my orbi router and my orbi satellite is about 25' away from the router. my denon AVR is 5' from the satellite and the chromecast audio is about 15' away, so both devices that act as openhome renders are wireless.

is there something I can look for in the log of either minim or bubble server? something that can help tip me off as to why this is happening?
I suggest you run a long Ethernet cable from the router to the Denon AVR to check whether the problem still occurs with this setup. If the problem does not occur, it is a network issue.
But if my playlist lives on the SD card on my phone versus coming from minim and my NAS and I do not have the issue, doesn't that indicate it is NOT a network issue between bubbleupnp playback and my phone over my wifi connection to my Denon? I understand waht you mean with the long cable as a troubleshooting step, but I'm not in a position to ever leave a long cat5 cable in place. i guess for now I will live with the issue and I'm also emailing logs to bubble. thank u
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