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Full Version: Identifying each of "various artists" in album listing
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Hello - rather new to MinimServer and my head is spinning a bit so if someone can point me in the right direction for this configuration I'd appreciate it!

I have a number of compilation albums where the AlbumArtist tag is "various_xxxxx" this displays correctly along with the (title of the) Album. However, when this is selected and the individual tracks are displayed, I can't see a way to list the track artist along with the track title. I can see what track will be playing but have no idea who is singingUndecided

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Paul
Which control point are you using?
(06-03-2018 23:08)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]Which control point are you using?

Creation 5+ on iPhone / iPad
(06-03-2018 23:29)Paul T Wrote: [ -> ]
(06-03-2018 23:08)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]Which control point are you using?

Creation 5+ on iPhone / iPad

What an unusual gui. Some very nice touches and some very interesting integrations.

It behaves very similarly to the Kinsky app from the Artist and Album index entries, down to the album track display were it then deviates by not providing track no. and album artist. Those items are also missing from the playlist queue.

Selecting the Item index does not show the artist/album artist unlike Kinsky.

That indicates to me that this is the Creation 5 design and not an issue with the tag data, whether served from Minimserver or any other server.
Yes, C5 does not display track artist. You’d have to try Kinsky, Kazoo, Lumin, or some other control point to see this info.
Thanks for your thoughts - I've tried a load of other control points this morning and the only one that displayed the info perfectly is the Kinsky. This would suggest agreement with the comment that this is an app rather than a server issue.

Unfortunately, although Kinsky sees my Ruark DLNA player, it does not see the Chromecast Audio device that I have attached to my Naim pre-amp. Not a perfect arrangement but pretty good sound-wise (surprisingly so) but it does mean I can make better use of the Naim / PMC system.

I've dropped a line to the C5 developers to see if they can shed some light. I do like the interface (originally designed for B&O kit I believe) but it is certainly not very user configurable.
... further to last... Marcos (Creation C5) will add the track artist listing in the next release of the C5 app. :-) Might be a while but good to know.
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