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Full Version: Installation problems
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I have installed minim server onto my Synology 213j - initially using the Synology package (8.4.2) AFTER INSTALLATION the package came up in the list and was running but whenever I try to access the package I get cannot access page My diskstation is on Java has the entries for TCP and USD which allow all ports. Installing minimwatch on my PC always shows the server as greyed out. I have tried stopping the firewall but the port 9790 is still blocked.
After reading the installation notes i removed minim server and went for the manual install of version 8.5.3 and exactly the same. Minimserver installed and running but no access to the status page to set the music directory. Any suggestions gladly received.Confused
Are you running a firewall on the DiskStation? You can check this by looking at Control Panel > Security > Firewall. If so, you need to create a firewall rule in the DiskStation to enable MinimServer access through the Synology firewall (look for MinimServer in the list of applications).
Simon thanks very much for the quick reply. I am using a firewall on the diskstation and your solution was spot. I have added the minim server rule as suggested and restarted the server. It has now allowed me to get up the status page and enter the music directory. I am just waiting for it to scan my music. There is quite a lot of content so it may take a while? Thanks for the help and the advice on running it alongside Media Server which i will need to do to start with. I am sure I will get there eventually but there appears to be plenty of advice and content on the forum from others who have done or are doing what i intend.
Many thanks
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