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Full Version: Multidisc - no item found in sub-folder
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Hello Simon,

I am using MinimServer with BubbleUPNP as the control point. One problem I noticed with multidisc-albums is that I can't add a complete disc at once. I receive an error saying that there are no items found in the selected sub-folder (see screenshot attached as an example). Everything else regarding the album's various disks is displayed correctly, including the items of the individual disks.

Is this something that can be fixed in the server or in my tagging, or do I have to contact bubbleguuum for that?

Best regards,
You need to first open the >> Program 1 selection, then select the second entry for playing (below >> Hide Contents).
Hello Simon,

as your suggestion didn't solve my problem in all cases, I analysed the problem further. This is the reproducible pattern I found:

Opening a multidisc-album shows the whole album, sorted by the discs. When I now choose "enqueue" using the "three-dot-menu", I receive the error that is shown in the screenshot. Choosing then the disc, as you instructed, brings up the screen that you described (see first screenshot in this post). Unfortunately, the album then is empty (see second screenshot), which makes sense, considering the error-message.

If I go the other way around, i.e. first clicking on the disc-title and then enqueuing the content, it works correctly.

Once a path is selected, i.e. having an "empty" or "full" disc, it stays like that. Exiting and restarting BubbleUPNP resets this.

As I wrote in the opening post, I am not sure, whether MinimServer oder BubbleUPNP causes this behaviour.

Best regards
When I said "first open the >> Program 1 selection", I meant what you are describing as "first clicking on the disc-title". If you try to play the disc directly from the multidisc album contents page or if you play the whole multidisc album, the disc will appear to be empty until BubbleUPnP rescans the MinimServer library.

This is caused by the way MinimServer handles multidisc albums. If you use any control point to play a disc directly from the multidisc album contents page, you would get the same problem. The only difference when using other control points instead of BubbleUPnP is that going back to the multidisc album contents page and reloading the "Program 1" page shown in your first screenshot would restore the contents of the disc and enable you to play it.

I will update the MinimServer user guide to warn people about this issue.
Hello Simon,

thank you for your explanation. Now I know how to access a specific disk on a multi-disc album!

Best regards
The user guide has been updated. Also, in the next MinimServer update there will be a change to show the disc number or subtitle on the page where you select the disc for playing, in addition to the album title.
This change is now available in update 122.
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