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Full Version: "No music"
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I've been using MinimServer on my iMac to stream music in my iTunes library to a Yamaha WXC50. Last night, instead of MinimServer showing up under the Server button of Yamaha's MusicCast app, it just says "No music". The only thing that's changed is that I've been splitting many albums into smaller "albums" – eg two symphonies on a single "disk" have now become two symphonies, each on a "disk" of its own.

FYI, this problem happens with both my iPhone and my iPad, and I've tried restarting MinimServer. No joy. And my iMac is connected to the Yamaha via ethernet.
I don't think this is caused by your library changes. It sounds like the app can't see the server. This is likely to be an issue with your network.

As a first step, try powering off all your audio and network equipment and powering it on again in the following order:
1) Router (then wait 5 minutes)
2) Any switches or wireless access points
3) iMac
4) MinimServer on the iMac
5) Yamaha WXC50
6) iPhone and iPad

Reqgarding your library changes, are you aware of the GROUP tag and how to use it to group tracks that belong to the same musical work, such a a symphony?
Thank you for your quick and helpful response, Mark. I followed your instructions and all's working well again, so problem solved :-)

I'm not aware of the GROUP tag – is there somewhere I can read about it? Having said that, I sometime listen to my music via the Yamaha, others via the speakers attached to my iMac, in which case I'm using iTunes. So I'll probably continue tagging my music as I have been.

Thanks again and best wishes.
I'm Simon, not Mark. Smile

The GROUP tag is described in this section. I understand why you would prefer not to depend on this tag.
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