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Full Version: Album.displayFormat
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Hi there,
I'm doing some personalization to my Minimserver and would like to add at the end of an album's name a star in case his ALBUMRATING tag is set to 5 to know that album is marked as favorites.
I'm currently using $ALBUMRATING but that's return me the number (5) at the end, not very nice. How to set an other character instead (like *) ?

Album.displayFormat={$album^^ (^$Date^^-^$#AudioQuality^^)^ $ALBUMRATING}

You can use the tagUpdate feature to create a new tag ALBUMSTAR if the tag ALBUMRATING has a value of 5. Your tagUpdate file would look like this:


The ALBUMSTAR tag is seen by MinimServer but doesn't exist in the file.
Of course, using a turnaround to rewrite the tag, it's a nice idea. Thank you so much Simon, works perfectly.
My Minimserver is getting close to perfection and help me enjoy the music more peacefully Smile
have a nice weekend
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