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Full Version: Problem with Album Art display for multidisc albums
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I have several multidisc albums where I'm using the feature to display the discs as subfolders under the main album with DISCSUBTITLE (AWESOME feature btw!!) However, the "main" album image seems to always choose the 2nd disc's art rather than the 1st (possibly it chooses the last disc, haven't tested it with a 3+ disc album yet). I can workaround this by temporarily removing the 2nd disc folder.jpg file and rescanning, then adding it back after... but of course this only works until the next time I rescan, then the 2nd disc art "takes over" the main album image again.

Would it be possible to have the main album image default to the image for Disc 1? Optimally it'd be nice to be able to choose the main album image, but defaulting to Disc 1 would be much better than the current behavior.

For what it’s worth, I have albums like this also but I have album art embedded in the files as well as folder.jpg in each folder. In Kazoo the default top level image is disc 1, and when drilling down to the individual discs they show their individual art. So embedded art seems to show correctly.
Edit: replaced previous version of this post after further investigation.

I have reproduced this problem and I am investigating the cause.
Thanks for pointing out this feature. It is something I've been looking for. But I have a request, which I'll put in another thread.
Thanks Simon! Just wanted to point out that I found it doesn't *always* take the 2nd disc as I stated in my first post. It seems to be random, or determined by something I'm not aware of. It just happens that most of my albums it's taking the 2nd disc's art.

Also, per antonmb's post, I do not have album art embedded in the files for these albums, only cover.jpg files in the directories.
It depends on whether MinimServer happens to find the folder for disc 1 or disc 2 first when scanning. The failure case is when the folder for disc 2 is scanned first. I am working on a fix.
This problem is fixed now in MinimServer update 121. Thanks for letting me know about it.
Looked at a few of the Albums that had the issue before and all are fixed, so it looks like whatever you did worked, thanks a lot!!
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