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Full Version: Using bliss to correct artist/album/track browsing inconsistencies
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Hi - I wrote up a walkthrough of using bliss to fix inconsistencies in tags to improve the experience when browsing a music library through MinimServer.

Just the usual stuff - capitalisation problems, synonyms etc. I thought it would be interesting because bliss and MinimServer share the same target platforms, e.g. NAS.
Can bliss add "missing" tags as well as fixing inconsistencies? From the screenshots in the article, it looks like this is possible for Genre, Year and Discnumber.
For existing tagged albums, i.e. those with album and artist name, just the genre, year and discnumber can be filled in.

For albums with no tags at all, these are routed to the "Untagged" page and all the primary fields can be populated there - album, artist, album artist, track numbers and names and discnumber. From there, genre and year can be added as above.

Thoughts on additional fields?
For classical music, Composer is very important. You could also consider tags such as Conductor, Orchestra, Choir, Ensemble (a group of musicians smaller than an orchestra) and Performer (overlaps with Artist to some extent, but is more specific). For tracks that are part of a larger work (such as the movements of a symphony), a Work tag is useful.
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