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Full Version: Now-playing art "blinks" on track change
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Just curious on this one, not important (but slightly annoying Tongue)

Using Linn Kazoo, when playing an album with "Now playing" on full screen, the album art and background blinks quite severely on track change. The curiosity is that this does not happen when playing the same album but through Asset (nor streaming from Tidal for that matter).

Just curious to know why this would be the case only when using MinimServer? Could it be that it forces Kazoo to refresh while the others don't, so that Kazoo uses its cache? Any reason why it should do this if so?

Many thanks!
It looks like Asset is maintaining an internal image cache for both folder.jpg files and embedded artwork. Each track in the album references this cache as the source of its artwork image. When Kazoo moves from one track to the next, the artwork URIs for both tracks are the same and Kazoo doesn't reload the image.

With MinimServer, embedded artwork is served directly from the audio files, so the artwork URI would be different for each track even though the images are the same. This causes Kazoo to reload the artwork and for some reason it is requesting the image three times. This reloading appears to be the cause of the blinking that you are seeing.

If you delete all emdedded artwork from one album and use a folder.jpg or folder.png file instead, MinimServer would reference the same artwork URI for all tracks in the album. Can you try this to see if it fixes the problem with Kazoo blinking?
Spot on Simon. Same album I know it happened on before, removed the embedded art, and no blinks. So, is it the refresh request, or because it does it more than once?
I have tried this with BubbleDS Next. There are between 2 and 4 requests for the new image file when the track changes. There is no screen blinking, just a very faint momentary dimming and brightening that wouldn't be noticeable unless you are staring hard at the screen.

Someone has said that this blinking issue doesn't affect LUMIN, so it appears to be specific to Kazoo when an image is reloaded.
Thanks Simon. I'll refer the good folk at Linn to your post.
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