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Full Version: Playlist on Roberts Stream 205
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I cannot get the playlist to work on my Roberts Stream 205. It identifies the "BBC Radio" playlist but when I select it thinks it is empty. I tried adding some of the extra options such as type in the playlist but it still does not recognize the entries.

The 205 works ok in internet radio mode where I add stations to the frontier web site.

I can get the playlist on my Denon AVR.

Please can you help
See this post and subsequent discussion on the same thread.

To summarise, you need to transcode the streams to L16 so that the Roberts can play them. Also, the BBC streams have a sample rate of 48 kHz and you need to specify this in the playlist entries or else the playback speed will be incorrect. The settings you need are as follows:

1) In the playlist, you need entries like this:
#EXTINF:-1,[R3;aac,48000] BBC Radio 3

2) In the stream.transcode property, you need to specify aac:L16

After making these changes, do a MinimServer rescan and then power the Roberts off and on.
Thankyou so much that worked although I did not have to put the sampling rate in the playlist.

Regards Trevor
Are you getting playback at the correct speed? In this post, there was a report that playback was slightly slow on the Roberts without this setting.
I saw that report but I am not sure what you mean by slow. When I press the info button on the Roberts Radio it shows sampling rate: 48.0 kHz. I cannot hear any difference but I am not a good judge of pitch.
I checked this myself to see what is happening. The sample rate is specified in two different places:

1) In the playlist entry for the radio stream. The server sends a sample rate of 44100 to the control point and the control point sends this to the renderer as part of the command for the renderer to play the stream.

2) In the stream itself. The server (MinimStreamer) sends a sample rate of 48000 to the renderer as part of the stream information when the renderer starts playing the stream.

In such cases where the information is different, it is correct for the renderer to choose 2) rather than 1) and this is what the Roberts is doing. In the other case (a different Roberts model and an older version of MinimStreamer) it seems that the information from 1) was being used.

Thanks for helping me understand why this is happening.
Thanks for clearing that up. The only thing I don't understand now is why we have to convert it to a pcm format. It seems strange in that using the added stations on the Frontier web site works on the Roberts. I guess this is an issue with Roberts rather than minimserver.

I am so glad to find the minimserver as it is exactly what I was looking for. Great piece of software and it runs on the raspberry pi. Smile

Thanks Trevor
You would need to ask Roberts about that. I agree that it is strange.
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