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Full Version: minimserver on Fedora : no automatic start after reboot
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i just re-installed minimserver on a fresh Fedora 27. All the installation is ok and minimserver run. But, when i reboot, minimserver does not reboot automatically even if i initiated the command "minimserver/bin/startd".
If i type "minimserver/bin/startd" it starts but not automatically.

Any clue on what to do ?

Best regards
Did you run minimserver/bin/setup and enable automatic startup?
(06-01-2018 23:49)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]Did you run minimserver/bin/setup and enable automatic startup?

Hello Simon, yes i’ve done that also.
Were you logged in as the root user when you installed MinimServer and/or ran minimserver/bin/setup? Both of these should be done as a regular user.
You right, I made everything under root and not user. I will try
I re-installed everything under a user (with admin rights), executed all the installation with "SUDO" and even after the setup with automatic start-up and "startd" command, after a reboot, minimserver did not reopen as a service. I need to forece start with minimserver/bin/startd.

Thanks for your support
You should not use sudo to do the installation and/or setup. Just do these as a regular user. MinimServer will take care of the sudo for any installation and/or setup steps that require this.
Hello and thanks, i will test today. Just a quick question, perhaps it comes from the version i use. The PC is built around a AMD Ryzen 7 1700. I was takin the minimserver for intel x86-64 but could not be this one. Which one would you recommend ?
Linux Intel x86 or x64
Linux ARM soft float
Linux ARM hard float
Linux ARM 64-bit
just tried to reinstall in sudo mode in /opt with the intel x86/x64 version. Installation is ok but when i do "minimserver/bin/startd" i have the following error line
Quote:minimserver/bin/startd: ligne 144: avertissement :command substitution: ignored null byte in input
This message is caused by an incompatible change in bash 4.4. I will fix it in the next release of MinimServer. Are you able to run startd with an older version of bash?

What did you mean by "reinstall in sudo mode"? You should not use sudo when installing or when running setup.

The Intel x86 or x64 version is the correct version for AMD.
Hi, if i'm not doing sudo i have the follwoing issue during installation
Quote:"tar xf MinimServer-
tar: minimserver : mkdir impossible: Permission denied"
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