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Full Version: Dealing with large m3u with a lot of urls
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I download playlists from regularly because those databases are updated regularly.

You can browse by different categories and get a download url for the playlists files at the top. For instance a url like this.

I have a cronjob that downloads some of these. That is not the issue. I want to integrate them into Minimserver but I want transcoding so this stuff plays uniformly across my devices.

Also I am using Minimserver mainly for online radios. I have ample amounts of servers running for other media files but the reason I have started using Minimserver believe or not is the support for m3u files that has online urls in them. Unfortunately no other server that I came across seems to not be able to process this kind fo stuff. I tried everything Emby, UMS, Serviio, Subsonic, etc I can add online radios to some of this but one has to add these one by one or create stream url files etc which goes aginst the grain of what I am trying to achieve here.

I do not have 3 favorite radios I listen all the time, if that is the case my issue would be non issue. I like shuffling through hundreds of radios that is why I download various playlists from radiobrowser's site on a regular basis.

Having given the context, here is the issue. I tried to read the transcoding and streaming doc, it is a a bit too much to deal with it if I understand what needs to be done to transcode, given that I am dealing with hundreds of urls with regularly updated m3u files so editing, giving manual ids, setting transcoding bitrates formats etc is no option for me.

Is there an automated way to enabling transcoding for regularly download m3u files in a non interventionist way?

I would appreciate it if you didn't abbreviate MinimServer to MS. This is a commonly used abbrevation for a large software (and now hardware) company that has no connection with MinimServer.

The latest versions of MinimServer and MinimStreamer don't require you to assign unique stream IDs manually. See the text marked [NEW] in this section. You do need to use [*] for the streams but this should be simple to automate.

You can enable transcoding for all network streams of unspecified type by specifying an input type of *. See this section.

Thanks for the reply.

I edited the abbrv.

I am abit confused about the exact formatting even after reading the doc. When I put "*" in the stream.transcode propery I get an error. Can you please tell me the exact formatting. I am pretty new to this server so it takes time abit to understand all the necessary stuff.

It depends on what output type you want. For example, if you want wav, you should put *:wav. There is a a full list of supported output types in this section.
Thanks. I will go with wav for now to be sure. But how do I know if it is transcoding or not? I would like to make sure I transcoding is done by the server.

(27-12-2017 07:46)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]It depends on what output type you want. For example, if you want wav, you should put *:wav. There is a a full list of supported output types in this section.
Most players will tell you on their Now Playing screen what the stream type is and usually also the sample rate or bit rate.

Thanks for the reply. However Minimserver is not transcoding anything for me when browsing online radios Sad

I checked it in BubbleUpnp and Neutron, they both show the original streams with mpegs and such variants. It seems like these players just play the urls in the original m3u playlists.

This is my props. I am running it on Debian Testing x64.

indexTags=Artist, Date, Genre, All Artists, Composer
tagCustom=AlbumArtist.displayRole={artist}, Composer.displayRole={artist}

The following modules are installed: Active+Original Active
jminim-0.7.118.jar Inactive
jminim-0.7.202.jar Active+Original
minimlaunch$-0.7.200.jar Active+Original
minimreader-0.8.103.jar Inactive
minimreader-0.8.200.jar Active+Original
minimscript$-0.8.300.jar Active+Original
minimserver-0.8.300.jar Active+Original
minimstreamer-0.7.105.jar Active
minimui-0.8.300.jar Active+Original
ohnet(linux-intel) Active+Original
Please post a sample m3u entry. It should look like the following:

#EXTINF:-1,[*] 1.FM - Cafe Radio

Without the [*], you will not get transcoding.

Thanks for your help after editing the m3u, I can get the transcoding.

Is it possible to pass the currently playing artists/song etc info to the transcoded stream if the actual radio stations supports it? So that such info can show up in my player.

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