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Full Version: PC player crashes if transcoding wav24-192
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I face a strange problem :
I have Minim installed on my Syno (DS415+, DMS up-to-date).
I play files with a player on my PC, then files are sent to an USB>spdif interface.

When Minim transcodes (all files, flac 16/24b, mp3 etc...) to wav24;192, the player crashes (MediaMonkey, works under Winx86) or freezes during 20s before playing the file (JRiver is 64bits).
It happens only to some files.

After "investigation", it appears that this happens only to files with a longer path name than the files the player can read without any issue.
Is there is an upper limit of path name regarding transcoding ?

The tricky "solution" I found is to rename all files with long path/name by numbers "01" "02" etc... in each folder (1 folder = 1 album).

The other point is that without transcoding : no issue with the players.

Does someone face that issue ? any "smarter" solution than renaming ?
There are a few possible explanations for this. Please do the following:

1) From the minim icon, select 'Show log'
2) In the log window, set the logging level to Debug
3) In the log window, click Clear
4) Try to play one track (with transcoding) that you know doesn't work
5) When no more output is being written to the log window, click 'Save as' to save a log file
6) Zip the log file (this step is important) and attach the zipped file as a file attachment to a post here
7) In the log window, set the logging level back to Info
Thanks very much Simon.
please find attached the log file
Thanks for this. I don't see any issues on the server side that could be caused by the length of the filename. It might be an issue with the control point or renderer not being able to handle the longer name. The server is receiving a valid request for the file and starts to transcode it and stream it. After about 5 seconds, the renderer terminates streaming by closing the connection. It isn't possible to find out from this log why the renderer is doing this.
Thanks for your input Simon.

So, I had a look at PC side : problem SOLVED ! (it seems... I'm looking for files that still can crash the player).
This is the solution if it can help someone.

As I said above, the trouble seems related to the length of the URL path, when it is too long, the player crashes.

I found info regarding the maximum length of file that Windows10 can manage. Before it was limited to 260 characters, now, IF you make a change in Win10, Win10 can manage longer files name.
So, I made the change in Win10 as described here :
Result : still crashes...

Then, I looked at the translation of folders & files names in URL encoded format.
The point is that I realized that on the URL path of the file streamed from the NAS, the paths are long because there are of lot of time the "%20" chain. As this chain is made of 3 characters, I was looking for a way to shorten it.
To understand translation of "standard" characters into URL encoded characters, I found & used this translator =>
Using this translator , standard characters into URL encoded give :
space => %20
- => -
_ => _
So, as a start I made a very basic change. I renamed all folders & files names of my discog, changing the "space" by "_". By doing so, I saved 2 URL characters for each "space" I had previously in the folders & files names. And it works now, no more crashes !!!!!!
My discog is quite large, thus I didn't do it by hands, I used the freeware that enable renaming by batch :
This soft is really powerfull, thanks to the developers.
Now, with spaces replaced by _, names of folders & files aren't nice to read, but not a big deal since only the tags are really important and remain "clear & nice" to read.

I could find info regarding that kind of trouble, maybe I'm alone to face it :-)
Hope it helps

PS : that trick works, but I still do not understand why these crashes occured...
transcoding in wav24;192 by Minim should be the reason, in combination with long paths names, because no issue without transcoding.
As least it works now & Minim is still the best server so far : everything is back to normal.
Thanks for sharing this solution. Transcoding adds a few characters to the URL (should be no more than 20) and this might have been enough to trigger the problem.
You're welcome Simon. Thanks to you, everyday is Christmas with Minim :-) (I prefer not to imagine life without Minim... :-))

These few characters added by minim for transcoding... I'm not sure it is the cause of these crashes.
Something should be wrong somewhere on PC side, but I don't know what/where.
At least it is solved.
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