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Full Version: Equalizer (flac:wav) ?
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Hi ,

Currently transcode all flac into wav ( works fine ) , Minim installed on Qnap nas

I' would like to try the equalizer ( streams.options tag ) , but I can't hear any difference in sound

This is the string :

convOut=-af equalizer=f=80:width_type=h:width=100:g=-2

Perhaps it does not work with the flac transcode ?

Thank you
To use the converter program for trancoding flac to wav, you need to set stream.transcode to flac:wav; (semicolon at end). This is explained in the MinimStreamer user guide.
Thanks Sim ,

yes , the semicolon is : flac:wav

then the eq. should works ?
There is no semicolon in flac:wav

You need flac:wav;
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